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Xbox 360: 15 months as the best-selling console in the US

Yeah, I get it – it sells. But honestly, it’s not as if there’s much of a choice, as nobody else has updated their systems. It’s probably not until the release of the Wii U that we’re going to see serious competition to get them back into the game.

Basically, they’re acting like an oligopoly – since they’re all on the same page and there’s no other viable competition, they’re preventing progress.

“While theres no doubt that PC gaming is being throttled by the current line-up of aging consoles, given these level of sales its clear that consumers dont see a need for Microsoft to update the console yet.”

No, I don’t think it’s clear.

You have:

1) The three major consoles, all badly out of date.
2) The PC, which is being held back because most games are either:
a) A port from a console to the PC, which brings with it the 10 year old graphics, or
b) Indie titles, which don’t have the budget to make graphics that push the platform to its limits.

Other than that, what other choices do people have?

Sales aren’t up because people think it’s okay.

Sales are up because:
-People are doing the home entertainment stuff on consoles now.
-There’s no other choices to choose from.
-Gaming is becoming a more accepted form of entertainment.

Sorry, I don’t believe it’s because they don’t see a need. Not at all. It’s just that other factors come into play here.

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