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WQNI’s RatedSafe App Tackles ‘Texting While Driving’ Problem

WQNI’s RatedSafe App Tackles ‘Texting While Driving’ Problem

WQNI's RatedSafe App Tackles 'Texting While Driving' ProblemTomahawk, WI 4/4/2012 (StreetBeat) — Children nowadays get their first cell phone before puberty and don’t talk or have vocal conversations anymore, instead it’s all about the texting, mass texts, group messages and more than 5,000 texts a month…

I own a computer store and everyday people come in the door with some sort of software or hardware issue that undoubtedly could be solved by one of their kids or usually one of their grandchildren. Teenagers these days are leaps and bounds ahead of any other generation with technology and, more specifically, communication technology.

Texting has many advantages when it comes to getting your point across or relaying a specific message without having to go through a thirty-minute timely conversation, but, especially with teenagers, there are serious dangers any parent must take into consideration while their loved ones are out zipping around and texting every move they make out to the masses…

WQNI (WQNI) is a public company that is taking this matter to heart by designing specific applications to address the need for anti-texting while driving mobile apps to help ensure the safety of our irresponsible youth without resorting to eavesdropping (which as we all know can have dire consequences on its own).

WQNI’s mobile app RatedSafe disables the texting, emailing and keyboard functions of a phone while in a vehicle moving faster than 10 miles per hour by using GPS to track speed and coordinates. The user will no longer be able to text while driving. When the car is stopped for more than 10 seconds, however, the phone will automatically allow texting to resume.

WQNI’s RatedSafe smart phone application is an advanced parental-control mobile phone application provisioned and activated with a child’s mobile phone account, enabling parents to instantly locate children, protect them from bullying and “sexting,” block offensive or predatory communications, and alert parents to potentially dangerous conditions involving children performing mobile phone texting while driving.

We can never be too cautious when it comes to our children, and WQNI is a company helping its customers achieve the all too important ‘piece of mind” when it comes to our little rascals out looking for trouble…

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