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Windows 8 Will Run on Older PCs, Says Microsoft

Windows 8 screenMicrosoft Windows 8 will reportedly run modern and older PCs, according to the latest news from Microsoft. If you were worried that a new version of Windows would bring with it higher system requirements, you can now get to sleep a little easier to tonight.

Current Windows 7 users will have no problem running Windows 8, but Microsoft also believes many computers still running Windows Vista and even Windows XP should be able to comfortably run Windows 8. Microsoft has purposely kept the system requirements for using Windows 8 low in order to maintain compatibility with older hardware.

When we speak of “older hardware”, it is important to keep things in perspective. Your grandmother’s 10-year-old PC never even ran Windows XP very well, so do not expect it to handle Windows 8 any better. But those Windows XP users who did not upgrade to Vista or 7 for fear of stability or compatibility issues may find that their computers are eligible for Windows 8 support. Windows 7 requires a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of disk space, significantly less power than any modern PC.

Upgrading will also be easier for users who purchase Windows 8. Microsoft will introduce an online upgrade process that takes them through the entire setup and eliminates time-consuming activities like typing in the 25-digit product key during installation. Part of the simplification involved combining Upgrade Advisor, Setup, and Windows Easy Transfer to give users a guided setup/install/upgrade that will tell them which version of Windows 8 is best for them.

Microsoft Windows 8 is expected to be released sometime in the middle of 2012, and Nokia has already revealed plans to release a Windows 8 tablet by mid to late 2012. Windows 8 will have a special interface for mobile devices, splitting the OS into two separate versions: one for x86 computers and another for ARM-based mobile devices.

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