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What is Post-PC? I’m thinking mobile OS vs. desktop OS

“A more accurate explanation for what I consider a Post-PC scenario concerns the OS, not the hardware.”

So much for sticking with the English language sad. The “C” “PC” stands for “Computer,” not “OS.” You’re so incredibly stuck in an unquestioning loop of media-driven terminology. Don’t even get me started with how tech media uses the term “cloud.”

And to be honest – mobile and desktop OSes are on the way to convergence, so yes, I still stand by what I said in your last article – I believe we’re in a convergence era, not a “Post-PC” era. OSes like Windows 8 and MacOS X Lion are proof positive of that.

“The point I am trying to address with my test is whether a mobile device of any ilk, running a mobile OS, can be used for extended periods without compromise.”

Depends on the use case. For web stuff? Probably. For CAD/CAM, gaming, photoshop, professional publishing, software development, Professional video editing, and a host of other applications? Probably not.

“I am not trying to declare the death of the PC, either laptop or desktop, or that the tablet is the next major hardware format. “

Sure you are. Whether you define it by hardware or OS doesn’t really matter. It’s basically the same thing right now. It will probably work in the world of blogging, where nothing you do is really professional.

“The less I have to bring on trips the better I like it, but only if it doesnt compromise the professional job that I do.”

Professional job? If you say so. Latching onto media-driven terminology and insisting on using it improperly is hardly professional, and I’m not entirely convinced blogging should be considered professional job anyways.

Yes, I understand bringing less things. Truth be known, all I really use on trips is an iPhone and a laptop. That’s it, that’s all I need. I see no reason to bring anything else. Furthermore, I see no real need to latch onto mobile OSes when the laptop works fine.

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