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Union Board approves new space recommendations for Daily Nebraskan, LGBTQA Resource Center, RHA

The Nebraska Union Board approved space allocation recommendations and heard comments in an open forum Thursday night.

In the open forum Lane Carr, Association of Students for the University of Nebraska president and senior history and political science major, expressed concerns about the possibility of moving the UNL Computer and Phone Shop to the first floor in place of the current 24-hour computer space.

The UNL Computer and Phone Shop had requested the switch. The Nebraska Union Board is in the process of collecting data concerning the possible change.

“I think it’s profit-oriented and not student-oriented,” Carr said. “They argued increasing the number of laptops and length of time you can have laptops checked out would reduce need, and that may be the case, but haven’t seen the data validating this.”

Carr suggested they take a year to collect data before changing the service because he said “to deprive students would be unfortunate.”

After hearing Carr’s comments, the Nebraska Union Board discussed the need to keep a 24-hour study lounge and the possibility of moving that space to the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.

Nebraska Union Board President Laura Collins, junior coaching and social science education major, said she hoped they could find a place for the 24-hour space and give the computer store what they wanted.   

Dillon Jones, Party Party’s external vice presidential candidate and sophomore English major, also spoke in open forum.

Jones outlined some of Party Party’s plans for the Nebraska Union Board. These plans included raising ASUN awareness and making the organization more visible on campus.

The Space Allocation Committee presented its recommendations to the board. The recommendations included having the LGBTQA Resource Center and Residence Hall Association switch rooms, with the resource center moving to Room 346 and RHA to Room 345. This would give LGBTQA the extra space they requested.

The Space Allocation Committee also recommended giving the Daily Nebraskan’s advertising room in the basement to Kingdom Impact, the Newman Center and The Fellowship of Catholic University Students. The three groups currently have no offices in the union and would share the space.

All groups have the opportunity to appeal the committee’s recommendations.

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