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Track, locate and recover your lost or stolen computer AND your missing USB …

Track, locate and recover your lost or stolen computer AND your missing USB devices

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Creator of MacPhoneHome and PC PhoneHome, Brigadoon Software, launches its latest version of PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome version 3.5.
This new version offers several new security and communication upgrades required by recent changes in internet protocol.

The company’s PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome is the number one stand-alone computer tracking and recovery software in the world to both the Windows and Mac communities.

Soon they will release PhoneHome protection for iPods,iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, Android Phones and USB Devices. This will be available as a FREE Upgrade to all customers…

Also Brigadoon Software is going to launch USB PhoneHome, a brand new application that will protect and provide PhoneHome protection to all your USB devices such as: Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, External Backup Disks Firewire External Storage Devices.

Currently, over 1,500,000 computers worldwide are protected.

Unlike OTHER computer tracking products, PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome contain NO SPYWARE to invade customers privacy…

Every time a PC PhoneHome or MacPhoneHome protected computer makes an Internet connection, it sends a stealth email message containing its exact location to a pre-determined email address of the user’s choice and to our Worldwide Command Center.

In the event your computer goes missing, all you need to do is make a police report and contact us. We do the rest. Your missing computer is returned to you with the help of our recovery agents, local police services and global ISPs.

The lost stolen computer recovery rate is over 99% worldwide.

The SINGLE COPY version of PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome normally retail for $29.95 each.

Customers can mix any combination of PC PhoneHome and/or MacPhoneHome in your deal.

Please visit:
today to purchase and download your copy of PC PhoneHome/MacPhoneHome


With the Enterprise version, designed for large scale deployment, there is no need to individually configure each computer while installing the software. The organization’s ownership information is hard coded inside the Enterprise edition so it can be “pushed”
onto an organization’s computers via their network or deployed via disk image. It saves a wealth of time and money.


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