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Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Gets Upgraded To Android 4.0 ICS On Vodafone UK

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone (ATT)

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Vodafone UK has rolled out an Android upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S II. After multiple delays in the initial attempts to roll it out, Galaxy S II owners will finally be able to move up to the Ice Cream Sandwich Experience. The upgrade was originally scheduled to go live on the 12th of April via Samsung’s own over the air service and KIES PC link-up update services.

Instead, Vodafone officials told the world on Thursday that Samsung is unable to push the update according to the planned schedule. Then today they announced the release of the update for all users of the phone on Vodafone for updating through the Samsung KIES PC software. Those who are running on Linux or Mac OS will have to wait for the over the air update that will not be ready till Tuesday next week, according to official word from the company.

According to an official statement released by Vodafone, the Android 4.0 ICS update for the Samsung Galaxy S II was delayed multiple times because the manufacturer wanted to make sure that everything was working perfectly before pushing it out to the public in general.

Android 4.0 brings a multitude of new features, which include user interface improvements and a faster web browser. There’s also the NFC file sharing feature called the Android Beam. Samsung Galaxy S II owners who are on other UK carriers O2 and Three, have already received their Android 4.0 updates early on in this month whereas those on Orange and T-Mobile are still waiting to see when it happens. Orange has said that the update will arrive later this month but T-Mobile has been mum about the update.

Galaxy S II owners have been waiting patiently for the update ever since the new version debuted at the end of last year. The new user interface that takes a step forward in being more about utility than about visual gimmicks is well complimented by a unified platform for both tablets and smartphones. The new Android version is also much faster and smoother on the same hardware as compared to earlier versions. This change in performance might also be attributed to the new toned down UI.

Android 4.0 also upgrade the platform with new technologies like NFC (Near Field Communications). With NFC, you would be able to make transactions and data transfer by simply swiping your phone over another NFC enabled device.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the few older phones that were deemed fit for this upgrade. There were a lot of problems in upgrading older phones mainly because whilst many phone could easily run the stock version of Android 4.0, most could not do so when the usual customization layer was added on top of it. Since companies try to brand their own user experience on top of the stock Android OS, they took their time to work out the kinks on their new Android 4.0 deployments before finalizing anything.

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