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Pry Automotive is your one-stop car maintenance shop

BUTLER—Over the past three decades, fixing anything with an engine and wheels has become a way of life for John Napolitano, owner of Pry Automotive in Butler.

At Pry Automotive, located at 50 Boonton Ave. in Butler, shop owner John Napolitano and his crew run your 'one-stop shop' for reasonably priced car and motorcycle maintenance.

The 48-year-old Rockaway resident has owned the Boonton Avenue location since 2005, but has been in the business since he opened up his first shop in Morristown back in 1986.

Now a 30-year veteran in the garage, Napolitano said his current shop performs every facet of the work needed to keep cars, trucks, and motorcycles in working order no matter what’s gone wrong, and he’s worked hard to establish that type of “one-stop shop” identity where even things like glasswork and bodywork can be done in-house.

“We do everything – general maintenance, computer diagnostics, and any kind of repairs, from engines to transmissions…on all makes and models,” Napolitano said.

An important piece of his business model is trying to break away from the pack of other service shops by making a point to tell each individual customer exactly what they need and what they don’t, instead of trying to sell them repairs they don’t need just to make a profit.

“A lot of places just want to sell you what they have…or they have a menu of items that they sell, and I’ve had my customers say that they try and sell you things without even checking the car,” he said. “We’re honest with you, we’ll tell you exactly what we see, and you might not like what you’re hearing, but it will be what’s wrong with the car.”

He also tries to work with his customers to put them on plans that correlate with their particular driving habits.

Whether that means selling someone certain tires based on the type of driving one does, putting them on a program specifically designed for leased cars, or a preventatives maintenance program to keep an older car chugging through a long commute, he does it.

“We’ll custom tailor a maintenance program to your specific driving needs,” Napolitano said.

The approach has worked wonders — Napolitano said that since 2005, his customer base has grown from about 400 to its current number of more than 1,800.

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