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'Phantasy Star Online 2' will be free on Vita and PC

The massively multiplayer online game Phantasy Star Online 2, developed for PC and PlayStation Vita, will be launching from mid-2012 for free, supported by optional in-game purchases.

Like its predecessor, 2006’s Phantasy Star Universe for PS2 and PC, PSO2‘s PC and Vita players will be able to set forth on adventures together.

What’s more, there’ll be Android and iOS version as well — though these won’t be fully compatible with the others, limited to sharing data instead.

Few games have achieved the holy grail of cross-platform play between computers and consoles — partly due to the dearth of console options in the first place, at least as far as Massively Multiplayer Online titles go.

Final Fantasy XI managed it in 2003 with a Windows PC and Sony PlayStation 2 playerbase, but the more recent Free Realms and DC Universe Online could not, despite both being developed by Sony Online Entertainment themselves.

However, 2011’s action puzzler Portal 2 allowed Mac, PC and PS3 players to pair up online; Icelandic studio CCP, which created the space trading sim EVE Online, is choosing to develop an associated massively multiplayer shooter for PS3, Dust 514, rather than converting EVE outright.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Official Beta Test Video:
Official website [Japanese]:

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