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Owner of Computer Repair Shop Accused of Stealing

Police in Ringgold are looking for a man, they say stole computers and money from his customers. It happened over the course of several weeks at Fast Fix Computers and if you’ve taken your belongings there, you may be wondering where the owner, and your machine, is, too.

The office door to Fast Fix Computers is pad locked now, an eviction notice taped to the window, along with a note for former customers warning that if you think your computer could be inside, you should call police.  The building owner, Kendall Marshall, locked the door for good, last week.

“He was late on his rent and that’s one of the reasons why we had to proceed with trying to receive late rent dues. And we have filed papers at the magistrate to have him evicted,” Marshall said.

Marshall says it’s the first month Greg Ratliff has been late on rent, and now, he’s skipped town. Police tell us that’s because he’s been stealing computers and money from his clients.

“Some people waited two, three, and four months and they paid the money and they couldn’t get their computers back. They couldn’t get any answers about where their computers were,” said Captain Greg Wingo, with the Ringgold Police Department.

After getting a few complaints earlier this month, they got a search warrant last week.
The found nearly 130 laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards, and towers,  some in pieces and disrepair.

“The Ringgold City police have come and confiscated a lot of the personal items. And they have taken it, to where if you have any issues you can talk to them and they can get your stuff back for you,” Marshall said.

Police say they’ve got felony warrants out for Ratliff. They say he’s stolen at least $500 in cash or personal belongings, but by looking at what was confiscated, he’s likely stolen far more than that. He’s been arrested before, in other states for things like theft and larceny, something surprising, to people like Marshall, who thought they knew him.

“He seemed to have a great business going and a lot of people coming back and forth and a lot of the people that we’ve talked to have been here numerous times. It’s just all of the sudden, in the past 2 months maybe it’s just blown out of proportion,” he said.

According to police, Ratliff may be staying with friends and family in North Carolina. They’re trying to find him and have him extradited back to Georgia. If you think you’re items may have been stolen by Ratliff, you’re asked to call Ringgold police.

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