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New PC, are the parts compatible?

Jump down to a i7-2600K then, as the small premium to upgrade to the i7-2700K is not worth it if you are prepared to overclock (even mildly OC’d will be faster).

Also, just because the PSU comes with the case (even if its a reputable one) it doesn’t mean it is quality — it could of course be just that, but for peace of mind I’d like to see what case/psu combo your grabbing, if that’s okay please.

Before I get into GPU framerates, it is generally accepted that in order to play games like BF3, you require a minimum average of 60 frames per second (FPS). It is subjective, and some people are comfortable with less FPS than others but you should aim for at least a 60FPS average. As an addition, BF3 is considered a good benchmark from gaming. If you can play this at good settings, it stands to reason you’ll be fine with pretty much every other game.

At full HD in Battlefield 3, for high detail @1920x you need one of the following (as a minimum): HD6970, HD7970, HD6990, GTX 570, GTX 580, GTX 590. The only GPUs that break the 100FPS average barrier are either dual GPU cards (HD6990/GTX590) or running 2x GPU’s in their respective CF/SLI modes.

At 2560x its even worse, as that is a whole lot of pixels for a challenging game engine like the one used for BF3. You can forget any single GPU solution, none are powerful enough at high detail. So that leaves you with a dual-GPU product like the HD6990/GTX590 or running multiple GPU’s (HD6970/GTX570/GTX580).

If you do truly want to game at these resolutions with high detail then you need to spend serious money on a GPU. I would recommend at least a single GTX580/GTX680 or HD7970 as a baseline for decent gaming performance.

If you want to skimp a bit, try grabbing hold of two HD6970’s, or a pair of GTX 570’s, which if used, and you’re lucky, should give you similar performance at less money.

A few references I used:

BF3 1920×1200 GPU performance in FPS for high quality.
BF3 2560×1600 GPU performance in FPS for high quality.

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