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Mac enthusiasts spend more on style while PC fans like a good bargain, says poll 

Are you a style maven or a sensible shopper? Your computer preference may offer a clue.

Apple users are more likely spend big bucks on designer clothing while PC users tend to buy more practically-priced duds, according to a poll of 700,000 consumers by Bundle, a consumer data analyst.

Mac users tend to spend more at luxury stores like Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendel and on expensive brands, like Hermes and Jimmy Choo.

PC users were more likely to drop their cash on kids’ clothing like Osh Kosh B’Gosh and on trendy but reasonably priced gear at at stores like Aeropostale, Old Navy and Fabco Shoes.

PC users love to shop — they just tend to spend less on pricey fashions.

“PC users tend to wear clothes as reasonably priced as their computers,” according to the study. Apple products, such as the MacBook series of laptops and the iPad tablets, are far more expensive than PC counterparts.

Perhaps Mac users spend more on fashion because they tend make more money overall.

Forty percent of the Mac users polled earned more than $100,000. Twenty-nine percent of PC users made six figures or more.

There’s one thing that PC users and Apple lovers can agree on: A good bargain.

They both were found to like shopping for clothing deals at stories like Off Fifth Saks Ave. Outlet, The Coach Factory Store and the the Converse Outlet Store.

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