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It’s True TravelManagers’ Cloud has a Silver Lining – e

Deahann Urqueza – Personal Travel Manager

TravelManagers pride themselves on their superior IT system, IT Director Matthew Harris says the true test is always when something goes wrong.

“When you build a system you are always looking at what might go wrong and what you would require under those circumstances. While you can simulate scenarios the true test is always when something actually happens.”

TravelManagers IT system was put to the test when personal travel manager Deahann Urqueza, representative for Kellyville Ridge NSW, computer completely died and fortunately for Ms Urqueza, TravelManagers’ IT system came up trumps.

“Initially I took my laptop into my local computer store and I got quite panicky when they couldn’t even power it up. My heart just sank as I thought I had lost everything and I knew I hadn’t backed anything up on a hard drive.”

But that wasn’t to be the case at all, a call to TravelManagers IT Team and Ms Urqueza was informed nothing had been lost at all, not even her emails.

“I was so relieved when Matthew explained to me that as a result of the system TravelManagers operated I hadn’t lost any of my data, even my emails were accessible. I was over the moon but I also learnt a valuable lesson, to back up my system each week onto my hard drive. Over the next few days I kept thinking, what would have happened if I wasn’t with TravelManagers?”

Urqueza says the most amazing aspect to all of this was that at no point were her clients disadvantaged.

“Through TravelManagers intranet I was able to access all my client records so I was up and running straight away by using my husband’s computer. I was even able to access my emails through TravelManagers’ Cloud based IT system, how impressive is that?”

Harris says the decision to implement a Cloud based system was to ensure its personal travel managers had a reliable IT platform that had the capacity and flexibility they required given TravelManagers geographical spread.

“The Cloud system is extremely safe, data is replicated in at least two places and a huge advantage is that it’s so easy for our personal travel managers who are able to use a range of devices to interact with it, whether they are Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Tablets, laptops, netbooks or desktop computers, all of them work seamlessly with our Cloud system.”

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