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iChic Gear Phantomus stylus review

Available in boy-friendly blue or girl-friendly pink, iChic Gear’s Phantomus comes with a one-eyed, smiley ghost head, which is detachable and can be used to protect the soft rubberised nib when not in use. iChic claims it has the weight, shape and feel of a typical felt-tip pen, so will be familiar to any child new to using an iPad and stylus. See also How to make a stylus.

The Phantomus has a smooth, straight barrel, which is quite comfortable to use despite the lack of a padded grip. The nib, while a touch too soft for our tastes, has a nice bounce and responds pretty well  – it’s a good choice for digital drawing and painting. The Phantomus also works fine as a gaming stylus. The slimline design doesn’t distract from or obscure gameplay. Visit all tablet PC accessories.

Build is okay: the rubberised tip is secure and the slimline body fairly solid, which is important when you consider how easily children’s toys can be broken when your back turns. Go to Best Draw Something Stylus and Draw Something review.

iChic Gear Phantomus stylus review

Buying Advice

The Phantomus is one novelty iPad stylus that isn’t fit for the bin after a day or two of play. While its appeal may be limited to the young, the reasonably priced, fairly solidly built Phantomus isn’t a bad choice for just about anyone.

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