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Ice Cream Sandwich now on whopping 2.9% of Android devices

All I do is point out that much of what you haters say isn’t true, or throw the obvious back in your face.

You claim “WP7 sucks because look at how many sold vs iPhone or android, the proof is in the sales”.

But then you claim OS X and Linux don’t suck, as sales figures don’t mean anything.

All I said was that it’s no big deal that ICS isn’t on alot of phones, and gave a logical reason as to why.

You’re the one that wants to turn this into an anti-MS/hate everything MS rant.

Oh, and I never claimed it would take over the world in it’s first year. I never said it would even move up to the number one spot. iPhone is popular, and Android is given away on free handsets.

Don’t put words in my mouth, and I only have one screen name, Rick.

My utopia is where people choose whats works best for them, with out people like you so emotionally attached to a company that you have to lie about anything MS related.

You do know I bought my wife the iPhone 4 right? Because I felt it would work best for her needs. I’ve said that a few times.

just because I din’t go with Android shouldn’t tick you off as much as it seems to be.

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