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Geek deals: $100 off the Alienware M18x gaming laptop

Alienware M18x laptop deal

Gaming laptops are among the most expensive PCs you can buy. There’s a price that must be paid for your near-constant dependency on Warcraft and Skyrim! You could always upgrade your PC into a makeshift gaming machine, adding RAM and improved graphics, and faster storage (also a CPU if you’re working on a desktop), but going that route adds up more quickly than you think. You’re better off buying a dedicated gaming PC. Which again, costs a ton. Looks like you can’t win.

Wait a second. Take a look at this deal on the Alienware M18x gaming laptop. A PCMag review 4-star awardee, it’s one of the premier gaming laptops. If only it wasn’t so expensive! Thankfully, we’ve stumbled across a deal that makes this high(est?) end laptop slightly more affordable.

Now, you can get the M18x for $100 off. It’s not a dealmaker if you’re on a budget, but if you were about to throw up your hands and shell out for a new gaming system, here’s your chance. This model is equipped with a quad-core Intel i7 2670QM processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, and an off-the-charts powerful 1.5GB DDR5 Nvidia graphics. The screen is huge — at 18.4 inches you won’t need to rig up an additional display, unless, of course, you really want to. And if you’re all right with no-holds-barred spending, there’s always the option to get the 2GB AMD graphics card, an SSD, and more.

Check out this deal at LogicBuy.


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