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ExhibitView iPad™ & PC a “HUGE HIT” at LegalTech NYC.

PRLog (Press Release)Feb 08, 2012 – Rome, Georgia – ExhibitView Solutions, LLC, provider of trial presentation software on PC and iPad had officially released ExhibitView iPad ( last November. The app is now available at Apple’s iPad apps store. With the recent exhibition at Legaltech in February, the release of the more powerful PC brand version 2.1, ExhibitViewPC™, the iPad now has an integrated partner for organizing, creating and making presentations even easier. Present various types of courtroom exhibits with live annotation tools in virtually every setting — from meetings to hearings to courtroom presentations.

Users seem to completely understand the value proposition in building and organizing presentations at the office or on the PC and now having an additional choice for making those presentations. Attorney’s can use the iPad or the Laptop PC, whichever suits them, including a SAVE-AS iPad function from ExhibitView PC which is unique and the ONLY product on the market to offer this function. A short learning curve and free online LIVE training is helping ExhibitView grow quickly.

“We have seen sales grow for both our PC and iPad brand since we launched our latest PC upgrade with the SAVE-AS iPad and just by word of mouth, it seems. ExhibitView PC iPad have been receiving glowing reviews from all over the Internet. Attorney Robert Hogan recently opined: “I have been using ExhibitView PC since last fall. I just downloaded ExhibitView for iPad. Great App!”

Users can buy the app for $69.99 in the iTunes store now. Similar apps cost as much as $89.99 and are not nearly as integrated or easy to use. Users who buy the PC brand can get a license to run ExhibitView on 4 PC computers for only $499.00.

Early last month ExhibitView Solutions, LLC announced its college and law school program.  This program offers a complimentary 2 year license to faculty and law students. The company has recently welcomed Harvard School of Law, UNLV in Las Vegas, and others to our new College free software program.

ExhibitView 4.2 PC and iPad support many forms of electronic evidence, including PDF documents, SlideMaker Slides, various image files, audio/video, and web pages. ExhibitView also offers online tutorials and live, interactive training sessions weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm – all free of charge.

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