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BOISE, Idaho, Mar 19, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
As more and more basketball fans are logging on to their laptops and
desktops this year in order to keep up with the fast-paced action of the 2012
NCAA® Basketball Tournament, The Memory Experts at
have a few tips to help fans improve their online viewing experience.

As a leading online retailer specializing in computer memory (RAM)
upgrades for nearly 15 years, understands the frustrations
experienced by consumers when their computers become unreliable,
unresponsive and downright maddening. For the next few weeks, fans will
be flocking to the Internet to check scores, get updates and watch the
live game broadcasts of one of sport’s greatest traditions. Here are a
few things fans can do to help make sure that the only disappointment
they endure is due to the on-court performance of their favorite teams,
and not a result of the off-court performance of their computer.

Beef Up The Browser

Popular web browsers need to be updated from time to time with the
latest features and functionality. Typically, a computer will notify
users when an update is available, and give them the option of updating
immediately. If manual updating is required, check for current updates
in the settings, or use a search engine to find the browser home page
where you can download the latest available updates.

Flash On

Adobe® Flash® Player enables users to view video content and other types
of applications within a web browser. Adobe Flash Player is frequently
updated with new features and notifies users that there is an updated
version available for download. Users can manually check whether they
require an update by visiting the Adobe
Flash Player home page and running a simple online program check.

Don’t Bog Down Bandwidth

Even when they are not being actively used, many household devices like
laptop computers, tablets, DVR’s, gaming systems and cell phones also
use an Internet connection to download updates and data. When numerous
devices are sharing the same network, bandwidth is reduced and the speed
at which data is received and transmitted may be compromised as a
result. Keep the Internet connection from becoming bogged down by
disabling or unplugging any devices that share the connection.

Find The Signal Sweet Spot

A wired connection is often faster and more reliable than a wireless
connection; do this by plugging the computer directly into the modem or
router using an Ethernet cord. If a wireless network is being used, as a
general rule, the closer a device is to a modem or wireless router, the
stronger the signal. Check to see if the computer that is being used to
stream live video is receiving maximum signal strength by checking the
indicator on your device. Wireless signals become weaker as they have to
travel through walls, or over large distances. Find the location with
the strongest wireless signal for improved viewing of live video.

Conserve Resources

A computer is the ultimate multitasking machine and often runs other
programs in the background that are not being directly used or needed
for a particular application, such as viewing live streaming video. A
computer has a finite amount of resources, also referred to as random
access memory (RAM), available to run installed applications and
programs. Completely closing all unnecessary programs will allow the
computer to dedicate more memory to running the programs that are in use.

“A computer with insufficient memory may run slower, be unresponsive and
in some cases, refuse to operate at all,” said Ed Walker, E-commerce
Marketing Manager at “Increasing the amount of memory in a
system can make an obvious difference in the computer’s ability to run
programs, especially with today’s memory-hungry applications such as
office programs, multimedia editing packages, and graphics-intensive

While the process of installing memory is fairly simple, finding the
correct type of memory upgrade for a computer can sometimes be confusing
and complex., an online retailer founded on the concept of
making memory upgrades easy for the everyday consumer, offers hundreds
of thousands of types of computer memory upgrades along with free,
easy-to-use online tools–such as the Crucial
Memory Advisor™ and the Crucial®
System Scanner tools–that allow consumers to quickly assess, select
and purchase compatible memory upgrades for their specific system.

As a pioneer of do-it-yourself memory upgrades, bolsters its
online tools with a full team of memory upgrade experts to give
consumers the knowledge and tools they need to make an informed decision
when selecting the right computer memory upgrade.

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About is a leading online retailer specializing in computer memory
(RAM) upgrades and solid state drives (SSD), and is an online
destination of Micron Technology, Inc., one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of computer memory products. offers more than
250,000 upgrades for nearly every computer system: home and business,
old and new, PC and Mac® computers. Utilizing a suite of easy-to-use,
free online tools, including the Crucial System Scanner and the Crucial
Memory Advisor™ tools, consumers are able to quickly assess, select, and
purchase compatible memory upgrades to restore computer performance,
improve system reliability and increase productivity. For more
information, visit .

About Micron

Micron Technology, Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of
advanced semiconductor solutions. Through its worldwide operations,
Micron manufactures and markets a full range of DRAM, NAND and NOR flash
memory, as well as other innovative memory technologies, packaging
solutions and semiconductor systems for use in leading-edge computing,
consumer, networking, embedded and mobile products. Micron’s common
stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the MU symbol. To learn more about
Micron Technology, Inc., visit .

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