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Businessman seethes over rubbish

By his own admission James Parker isn’t one to create a stink.

But a festering pile of roadside rubbish near his Ngaruawahia computer shop has the quietly-spoken businessman fuming.

For the past five weeks, Mr Parker said, he had been complaining about rubbish being dumped on the kerb next to his store car park on Newcastle St.

Emails, phone calls and three visits to the Waikato District Council offices have failed to get the eyesore removed, with up to 20 bags piled under a tree.

The rubbish heap gives off a pungent odour and has become a popular nightly attraction for neighbourhood cats.

“You can hear them at night tearing into the bags. It’s just gross,” Mr Parker said.

“Anyone driving down this street would think what a grotty place; it’s sad and it’s pushing me to my limits.”

Mr Parker claims he first contacted the council in January when his own rubbish was not collected.

“A council staff member told me I shouldn’t be putting my rubbish out there in the first place because I’m a business, so we stopped. But the problem now is other people are using the area as a dumping point and leave bags of household rubbish there.”

Mr Parker pays a private contractor to collect his business waste and is concerned about the impact the rubbish heap is having on Ngaruawahia’s image.

“I’ve watched people dump rubbish and taken down their car number plates but the council refuses to act. It’s been an ongoing struggle to find someone who will take responsibility for the problem.

“I’ve got to the point where I’m tempted to dump it all on the council’s doorstep and see how they feel but they’ll probably give me a nice big fine.”

Council regulatory general manager Nath Pritchard said Mr Parker first contacted council in February and was advised that as a commercial property, his rubbish would not be collected.

“During this time it appears Mr Parker did not remove his refuse and the public may have added rubbish bags to Mr Parker’s pile,” Mr Pritchard said. The council’s last contact with Mr Parker was on February 29.

“Since finding out yesterday about the newly dumped rubbish we have arranged for our contractor to pick up the litter today.

“This area will now continue to be monitored to prevent illegal dumping and we will take action against anyone who is found dumping rubbish.

“Only those who pay refuse rates will have their refuse collected.”

– © Fairfax NZ News

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Business’s pay some very hefty rates in the Waikato, so why is rubbish not included? I wonder what our business rates do pay for!
And so people know, an average sized house with rates of about $2000 a year costs business about $9000 a year.

About time the council started remembering who they work for and why they are there.

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