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Brand-New Word From The New English By Apple

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Genericization: A Brand-New Word From The New English By Apple / image via The Next Web

There is betting and you’ll probably lose that when someone walks into a computer store anywhere in the world, the persons will immediately ask the clerk for an iPad even when they mean tablet, any brand of tablet.

The Associated Press, reporting from New York, this morning said Apple is not simply leading the way in the planet’s technology business trek, as it continues to hold on to the position as the world’s most valuable company.

Apple may also be on the way to changing the English language.

Talking with two experts in both business and trademarks, AP noted that Apple’s iPad has captured its market niche so completely that when someone talks about the iPad, he actually thinks the iPad is all alone in the field, the sole product of the entire generic tablet field.

AP said a Chicago electronics store manager, Josh Davis, believes that Apple’s iPad gave birth to the whole tablet category and may in fact have hogged it up, to the exclusion of all others.

The statement underlined AP’s observation that a Band-Aid and a Kleenex are better known—and spoken—than a bandage or a tissue to which generics the two actually belong.

A Seattle trademark attorney, Michael Atkins, observed that such rare, iconic products as the Apple’s iPad do become so common as to make a popular brand common, eventually defeating the purpose of making it special through so much advertising and marketing expense.

Atkins pointed out that only about 5 % of all brands in the US ever become generic, but they spread fast throughout the English language.

An American university professor told AP nothing could prevent it from becoming a part of how language grows.

So iPad may soon join aspirin, escalator, thermos, zipper and yo-yo as one more common name of what used to be the brand kings of their time.

Source: TheNextWeb


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