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BenQ RL2240H review

BenQ says it’s tweaked every aspect of the 22in RL2240H for the enjoyment of real-time strategy (RTS) games. To this end, there’s an RTS picture mode alongside the usual Movie, Photo, sRGB and Eco presets. This optimises colour and contrast to help you spot enemies. Our tests bore out the claim. See also: Group test: what’s the best display?

The BenQ is more expensive than many 22in TN panels we’ve seen, but offers some reasonable specifications in return. A fast response time is necessary for gaming, and the BenQ’s 2ms is the joint-fastest in this group test. We were disappointed to find that enabling the advanced motion accelerator did nothing to reduce blur when objects moved quickly across the screen, however. Visit Group test: What’s the best 19 to 24-inch LCD monitor?

The RL2240H also supports plenty of configuration options, with a likable onscreen menu system that’s reminiscent of OS X’s Finder. Bizarrely, you can even scale the display settings to match those of a 17in or 19in 4:3 monitor.

Our tests revealed washed out colours in comparison to those of IPS panels, something which tweaking the settings did little to remedy. We measured 94 percent of NTSC, but just 70 percent of sRGB. Contrast also looked weak in the face of BenQ’s rivals. Blacks were rather grey, and poor viewing angles served only to amplify the problem. We measured 723:1, the second-lowest here.

The LED backlight is reasonably even, but the recorded brightness is still 10cd/m2 lower than that of the similarly priced AOC.

Given its intended audience, BenQ’s decision to use a glossy white bezel is an odd one. Attractive, yes, but it’ll clash with most gaming keyboards and mice. A tilt-only stand is supplied.

Input options include VGA, HDMI and DVI, but only a VGA cable is provided. No speakers are built in; instead you get a 3.5mm jack.

We recorded 21W power consumption at max brightness and 14W at 120cd/m2. Forget what you’ve heard about power-hungry gaming rigs – that makes the BenQ the most power-efficient display here.

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