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All MPs to get tax-funded iPads

Customer trying out iPad in Apple store

Critics call iPads a “new toy” for MPs when others are cutting back

All MPs are to be offered Apple iPad tablet computers.

At a cost of £400 per tablet and a total of 650 MPs, it could cost £260,000 plus monthly 3G subscription charges.

Parliamentary authorities say the move will offer “financial savings and increased efficiency”.

However, The TaxPayers’ Alliance claims it’s just a “new toy” for MPs at a time when severe budget cuts are being made elsewhere.

Authorities say they will offset the cost of buying the tablets by making some MPs trade in an old PC or laptop.

They say it will modernise Parliament, cut printing costs and help the environment.

But if MPs are members of backbench select committees they would be eligible for an iPad without the trade-off.

Emma Boon from The TaxPayers’ Alliance, which campaigns for lower taxes, said: “With the public finances in such a mess, the last thing taxpayers want is to fork out for a new toy for every MP.

“Why are they only looking at iPads?

“iPads are a premium product. They should be looking at cheaper alternatives too.”

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