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A Tour Inside Your PC

pc-insider1Usually, those who know what is inside a PC is looked at like Gds, or at least like at shaman. Those, who understand how it works, are ones of the most important people of nowadays, as they have the power to manage the unknown beast called computer. It is such a complicated thing, that the help of specialists or just people who know even a little about the inner processes and functions is extremely demanded, as all this stuff is really wide spread and popular. Well, the one who can manage with the inside of your computer is a big person for you.

Let`s ourselves look at common features define the inside parts of PC and their features and functions, but firstly let`s look at the case itself.

  • Power Supply: At the rare of the case you can see power supply, which is connected to all the devices and supply them with power.
  • Drive Bays: The most popular kids of drive bays house are the 5.25″ and 3.5″, probably all the computers contain them.
  • Expansion Slots: They are placed in at the rare of the case and made to allow the motherboard be easily connected with the external devices. Printers and monitors connect the PC with their help.

The motherboard, one of the most important stuff of your computer, is inside a PC. It is securely attached there with the help of little screws. If you guess why it is one of the most important things, then you must know that all the devices of your pc are in one or another way is connected with it.

  • CPU & Memory Sockets: They are connected directly with motherboard via the CPU socket connector and memory slots.
  • CPU: CPU is also a highly important thing. It works a lot, so to prevent overheating, there is a fan wich help disperse heat. It is secured and installed into socket pin-side-down.
  • Memory: It is installed in memory sockets located on the motherboard.

There are lots of stuff inside a PC, and if it is ok to learn how they look like, as here is always internet for you; it can be quite hard to understand which one is broken and what to do.

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