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5 questions with Janos Balong, owner of Log-on computer repair

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What started as a hobby years ago has become a full time business for Janos Balong and his wife, Dawn, who own Log-on, a computer repair business and Internet Café located in Smoke Tree Shopping Center in Palm Springs.

Repairs and service calls are about 80 percent of Log-on’s business. The Internet Café, which people use like a business center for email, printing and scanning, writing letters or proposals, is the remaining business.

The shop is open 52 hours a week, Monday to Saturday. Janos spends part of his day making house calls and the rest doing repairs in the shop. Dawn fields questions on the phone and with walk-in customers and handles accounting, scheduling and myriad other chores at Log-on.

What is the most common problem you are asked to fix?

A connectivity issue. The computer won’t connect to the printer or won’t connect to the Internet. Often it can be a simple fix that takes a few minutes (like the tape is not removed from the ink cartridge) or a more complicated repair (corrupted software or a virus) and the computer needs a tune-up.

How do you deal with a virus?

We always do research to see what virus is active at the moment. If you keep your anti-virus software up to date, you should not have a problem. It’s like keeping your car tuned up if you want to keep it running properly.

What is spyware?

It’s a program that is placed on your computer without your approval or knowledge, often to flood you with advertising that you did not ask for. Criminals also use spyware to collect credit card and other sensitive information.

What range of service do you provide?

In addition to repairs, we can upgrade your computer with additional memory, recover data that have been lost, help you set up a blog or a website, get you started on eBay and provide lessons one-on-one.

How do people find you, since your location is in the rear of the shopping center?

Local people and snowbirds seem to know us. We are one of the oldest tenants in the Smoke Tree Shopping Center. Business increases from January to May during the tourist season. People know us mainly by word of mouth. We just hired an additional computer technician to handle the added workload. It looks like a busy year.

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